Buch Schamanin Andrea Kalff Mehr als eine Schamanin

Andrea Kalff
– more than a shaman –
A life outside the norm

Andrea Kalff is an impressive personality, humorous, warm-hearted and powerful. Mother of five daughters who organizes the normal household - and profound shaman who travels between the worlds. Andrea Kalff was the first European to be initiated as a Korean master shaman in 2006 - what she has been living since then and how she connects the spiritual with the everyday world is what this book is about: the extraordinary story of an extraordinary woman.

...She dances on the edge of a knife... the extraordinary story of an extraordinary woman...

The shaman therapy

together with dr. Iris Zachenhofer

Science discovers the healing art of our ancestors

Medicine has overcome its fear of contact with ancient healing knowledge. She prefers to analyze and decode it using scientific methods. Neurosurgeon and psychiatrist Dr. Iris Zachenhofer and Andrea Kalff, the first European to be trained in Korean shamanism, are doing this as part of a pioneering project at one of Vienna's largest hospitals. In this book, they provide amazing therapies for body, mind, and spirit, all applicable to everyday life.


Andrea Kalff

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